Easy-to-use program for watching DVD movies on your computer
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Among many DVD players developed by different companies, Toshiba DVD player can be defined as a simple and user-friendly application for watching DVD movies. Thanks to the developers, this application is very easy-to-use. Main windows of the program are the screen window and the control panel. All the controllers are present at the control panel, so you don’t have to make a lot of clicks just to watch a movie. Full screen viewing is available through the double-click on the screen window. Users can also switch to the full screen viewing through the hot key 'W'. Unfortunately in this version users can’t watch movies of any other formats but DVD. Another feature of this program is an easy access to the settings window; you can access it through the hot-key 'F2'. Settings are subdivided into 4 parts. They are: display, language, action and audio settings. All in all, this application makes a good impression and seems to be well-thought, especially in terms of design. I would recommend this application to users, searching for a simple and easy-to use DVD movie player.

Damir Buzikov
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